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The leader of the society. Tasked with setting the vision and leading strategic direction.

  • Always thinking ahead.
  • Always looking for opportunities to pursue. e.g. MLH have released a new workshop, how should we act on this?
  • ‎Always looking for ways to improve the society as a whole. What could we improve on for our next event?
  • Delegate across the committee as equally as possible, ensuring no one person is burdened with too much work.
  • Making sure everyone has a voice in strategic decisions.
  • ‎Ensures that the society has a future, looking for new members to push the society further.

The position of President is a large task and should not be taken lightly. The role is therefore only available to current organisers.

Vice President

The Vice President role is mainly focused on society sponsorship/partnership and external relations. Hackathon events can only happen due to a number of sponsors giving the society a large amount of money. It is the role of the VP to persuade companies to give the society this money - excellent communication and speaking skills are required for this.

A hackathon society must also maintain relationships with companies as well as building relationships. The role involves sending a lot of emails to companies, as well as meeting company representatives face-to-face.


Being a secretary does not just involve organising meetings and taking minutes. It involves paying attention to everyone's needs.

It is one of the four "core" roles and it facilitates the smooth run of the society. The secretary handles all the bookings of venues and rooms, deals with the logistics-related details (i.e. all sorts of requirements from room bookings), is in charge of the committee calendar and organises meetings when everyone is available.

An important responsibility of this role is keeping a good relationship between the society (as a representative) and university staff, such as the Diamond porters. This is vital, as chances are you will need to speak to someone more than once. Being polite and not taking what they give you for granted guarantees they will be willing to speak to you as well.

It is an important role, but it is also a very satisfying and rewarding one.


The Treasurer is responsible for liaising with the SU ensuring that sponsorship payments are paid up. Also, ensuring that members are reimbursed for anything they may have paid for. Responsible for ensuring the event doesn't go over budget.

Inclusion Officer

The Inclusion Officer keeps an eye on all matters of inclusivity and accessibility.

For example, at a Hackathon, the Inclusion Officer makes sure that the venue is accessible to everyone, that we advertise in the right places to attract people from all backgrounds and that food and activities are available for all requirements. Responsible for ensuring members feel welcome and comfortable.

The rest of the time, there's work in ensuring that our marketing emphasises the diversity of our hackers and liaising with groups like the Faculty's Women in Engineering team to ensure that we stay as inclusive and diverse as possible.

Trip Officer

The Trip Officer is a new role, created for the purpose of organising trips to other hackathons. Throughout the year, hundreds of hackathons are held around the world. It is up to the Trip Officer to decide which hackathons HackSheffield should send a team to - a good knowledge of the hackathon scene would therefore be desired. Liaising with the Treasurer would be a big part of this role, in order to acertain trip budgets and to ensure that members of the society are not hindered by finance.

Time management skills are key to organising a trip, with a tight deadline between hackathon announcement, application verdicts and the actual event. Lots of Google forms will be made.

Technical Officer

The Technical Officer is in charge of the technical aspects of the society, this mainly being the society's website. This role will require a good knowledge of web design (at the moment, the website uses Node.js), and you must be able to make quick changes to the website given short notice.

As well as maintaining the current website, you may also be challenged to incorporate new ideas as well. One possible idea is a trip planner, which enables members to sign up to trips via the website. The website is currently focused towards our yearly hackathon, however changing the website to be more society-focused would be a goal.

This role will overlap with the responsibilities of the Media & Publicity Officer.

Media & Publicity Officer

This position handles all the social media, emailing, graphic design, and general publicity used by the society. You're ensuring the word is out about HackSheffield's events!

You may also be expected to try your hand at photography at our events, especially our flagship hackathon. However, we aren't expecting professional photography - just borrow a camera from CiCS and grab some good snaps! Of course, prior experience is a plus!

It's quite a broad role which is why it's usually split into a team of two. Media and publicity is important throughout the year, but especially in the upcoming weeks to the hackathon where publicity must stretch far and wide.

There is overlap in responsibilities with the technical officer, since the website would be a shared effort.

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