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Line Profiling in Python
from time import sleep
def so_slow(bar):
""" Simulate a slow function. """
return bar
def its_time_for_the_calculator(foo):
""" It's time for the calculator. """
if not isinstance(foo, int):
return None
a = []
for i in xrange(foo):
b = so_slow(a)
c = 0
for i in xrange(foo):
c += i
return None
def main():
print its_time_for_the_calculator(100000)
if __name__ == "__main__":

ckarany commented Feb 11, 2015

Where is "@Profile" decorator defined?

neara commented Jul 13, 2015


You have to call kernprof with the -l flag for the @Profile decorator to be recognized

What is

In the recent release we need not give we can just use kernprof

kernprof -l -v
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