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mocking with amd
// ----------------------------------------
// /path/to/dependency.js
define(function() {
return {
doSomethingWithIt: function() {
// blah
// ----------------------------------------
// my_object.js
define(['/path/to/dependency'], function(myDependency) { // <-- how do I mock this bugger in my test? :)
function one() {
return 'blah';
function two() {
// api
return {
one: one,
two: two
// ----------------------------------------
// my_object_spec.js
// the object under test is my_object, so ideally
// I'd like to mock/stub myDependency
define(['my_object'], function(my_object) {
it('should call one() as we expect', function() {
expect(, 'blah');

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@danscotton danscotton commented Jul 23, 2012

So if I wanted to check whether my_object is calling myDependency.doSomethingWithIt() with the correct number of arguments for example...

Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way though...and should pass myDependency to one like one(myDependency)? (also sorry for the naff function/variable names!)

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