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Working on @pixelfed

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Working on @pixelfed
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lukehedger / ffmpeg-compress-mp4
Last active July 12, 2024 14:34
Compress mp4 using FFMPEG
$ ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vcodec h264 -acodec mp2 output.mp4
Bradcomp / toggle-menu.js
Created September 3, 2016 00:08
Toggles the .is-active class for a hamburger menu
(function() {
var burger = document.querySelector('.nav-toggle');
var menu = document.querySelector('.nav-menu');
burger.addEventListener('click', function() {

The easiest way to run Pixelfed for development on Mac is using Laravel's Valet. Valet contains a number of tools to run the application locally with minimal fuss.

You'll need to install Homebrew, a Mac package manager, to start off. Once you've installed Homebrew, if you haven't already installed PHP 7.3, install it with brew install php.

After installing PHP, you'll want to install Composer, which is a PHP dependency manager that can also install Valet for you. Then run composer global require laravel/valet, which will install Valet as a globally-available program. To access it, be sure to add ~/.composer/vendor/bin to your shell's PATH variable. Then run valet install to finish installing Valet's dependencies.

Running the valet park command inside a folder will allow you to access [subfolder].test as a local domain. You can set this up however you wish, though an

thefinn93 / github.php
Created May 17, 2013 04:06
A php script to pull from git whenever it is called (from approved IPs). It's meant to be a github service hook.
$github_ips = array("", "", "", "", "", "");
function cidr_match($ip, $cidr) {
list($subnet, $mask) = explode('/', $cidr);
if ((ip2long($ip) & ~((1 << (32 - $mask)) - 1) ) == ip2long($subnet))
return true;
philipn / gist:2907544
Created June 10, 2012 22:29
Cache cloudmade titles in localwiki
You'll want to replace '' with your hostname here.
Add to
'cachedcloudmade': """OpenLayers.Layer.CachedCloudMade('CachedCloudMade',