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Last active Mar 18, 2021
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Sidebar Software Engineer

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About us

At Sidebar we design, develop and manage two digital products:

  •, a dating app based on real-time chat between users
  •, a sports site & app focusing on match analysis, statistics and live scores

The company was founded in 2009 by two engineers, Charis and Dimitris.

Some of the things that define us are:

  • Product company: We don't offer services to others. Our time goes into improving our products.
  • Bootstrapped: We never took funding or loans. Our revenue comes from our users and we remain financially strong.
  • Remote-first: Since 2017 the company is fully remote. This means all our processes facilitate this mode of operation.
  • Engineering mindset: Break down complex systems, excel under constraints, understand trade-offs.
  • Balanced lifestyle: Success in not measured in hours worked. Deadlines are never unrealistic. Having hobbies, family, kids and generally a life outside of work is respected and welcome.

Your work will have a big impact on our products. As sprints go by you'll see our products change and flourish. Features will be added, changed or removed. Users will be more happy or, sometimes, disappointed. Our company culture also changes and we hope you too take part in this.


Our tech stack includes:

  • JavaScript (front-end, Node.js & React Native)
  • Python (consuming APIs, calculations, background services)
  • PHP (powering the frontend)
  • HTML, CSS (Sass)
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • Redis
  • Git (GitHub), Sentry, SendGrid
  • AWS (mainly S3 and SES)
  • Linux servers (Ubuntu)

Candidates must:

  • have over 4 years of experience as a developer
  • know English and have the ability to communicate clearly
  • be able to work independently
  • know at least one of the languages we use (JavaScript, PHP, Python)
  • understand relational databases and know SQL
  • have a solid understanding of the web's request/response cycle (HTTP, web servers, browser caching, CDNs etc)


  • design new features (DB, back-end, async tasks)
  • implement new features
  • optimize any layer (back-end, front-end, caching/CDN etc)
  • refactor
  • write tests
  • improve DevOps (servers, alerts)
  • help with hiring
  • contribute in defining our processes, the tools we use, how we do syncs, sprints, code reviews etc

Our targets:

  • constantly improve our products
  • optimize them so they remain lightning fast
  • embrace and repay our tech debt, a byproduct of our high agility
  • build the #1 sports apps and the #1 dating app in Greece


  • Full-time position
  • Above market compensation
  • We are a remote first company
  • There is available office space at TZAFERI 16, a modern co-working space in downtown Athens
  • Use your cover letter to tell us about you, why you'd be a good fit or anything else you feel is important or interesting.

How to apply

Simply send your cover letter and resume to

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