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Last active August 6, 2018 08:47
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The extension to return the complement colour or two complement colours of a colour in Swift.
extension UIColor {
convenience init(red: Int, green: Int, blue: Int) {
let newRed = CGFloat(red)/255
let newGreen = CGFloat(green)/255
let newBlue = CGFloat(blue)/255
self.init(red: newRed, green: newGreen, blue: newBlue, alpha: 1.0)
var complement: UIColor {
return self.withHueOffset(0.5)
var splitComplement0: UIColor {
return self.withHueOffset(150 / 360)
var splitComplement1: UIColor {
return self.withHueOffset(210 / 360)
private func withHueOffset(_ offset: CGFloat) -> UIColor {
var h: CGFloat = 0
var s: CGFloat = 0
var b: CGFloat = 0
var a: CGFloat = 0
self.getHue(&h, saturation: &s, brightness: &b, alpha: &a)
return UIColor(hue: fmod(h + offset, 1), saturation: s, brightness: b, alpha: a)
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