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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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So here's a thing that's been bothering me for a few weeks.

Lauren Hallden created Name My Bar back in April (press coverage here).

A couple weeks ago I saw people passing around the Hipster Business Name Generator. It's basically the same thing, although there are certainly some implementation differences. Also, that person is selling domain names via referrals.

Here's another thing that happened two weeks ago.

I released a toy that lets you generate indie game descriptions using Markov chains of the descriptions of 2015 IGF entrants.

Grapefrukt reached out to me to let me know they did the same thing last year for IGF 2014. I immediately tweeted about it, crediting Grapefrukt, and added a note on my projects page.

Did I come up with the markov thing on my own? Totally. Was my implementation somewhat different from Grapefrukt's? Totally. Still, acknowledging similar projects is just a good practice. It's a dick move to ignore that they exist once you've been alerted to them.

So I guess that's it. It's been bothering me. I wish Lauren would get the credit she deserves for a cool idea and implementation thereof, is all.

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