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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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My PITA Computer

#MY computer is broken again

Hey room my computer is messed up sigh, Again ! Its been wierd since a few days but now its being totally ridiculous. Problems I am facing are :

  • Chrome starting literally after 5 minutes of clicking, I have nuked it and re-installed everything
  • Dropbox not starting at all.
  • uTorrent not starting at all.
  • All the non starting programs show up in the task manager with 6-8 MB Ram usage and 0 CPU usage as if they are waiting for some asynchronous operation to complete
  • Group Policy Client Service is not starting cause MUP.SYS isn't being recognized ( Most of programs log this in the system log as cause of their failure ). (This could be that asynchronous operation)

##What i have tried ?

  • Scanning for viruses all scans negative
  • Restoring windows (didn't fix shit)
  • Re-Installing all affected software except for uTorrent
  • Cleaned PreFetch completely
  • Contacting MicroSoft (wasn't helpful)
  • Literally REFRESHED windows

What can't I just install Linux and forget it :

I have a touchscreen monitor and I quite enjoy testing touch interfaces straight on device, Linux drivers for this thing are so old and terrible that they need monkey patching just to get compiled. Plus all my data / work stuff is on VM's hosted by DO (because its faster to download shit on that then my computer, and using dropbox I achieve decent speed. Plus I need VS2013 for college projects and to compile stuff for windows. And I'd like to play some games because this is the only PC inside my house.

##MY Computer specs

  • Intel i7 4770K - 4.1Ghz
  • 32 G RAM \o/
  • HP TM 23 Touchscreen monitor
  • Wireless Keyboards / Mouse

##Software I would be using

  • Dropbox
  • Google Chrome
  • Sublime Text 3
  • Mozzilla Firefox
  • Counter Strike GO
  • And sadly Visual Studio 2013

What I could do ?

  • Nuke everything, Install Windows then Install Ubuntu Multiboot and rock
  • Install Trimmed Down Windows 8.1 and just use it sandboxed
  • Install Ubuntu on full disk ignore windows completely and vm windows 8.1
  • Weep silently
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