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Release notes for Owl

@channel: Hi all – Major upgrade to video and screensharing just went live! Here's what you need to know:

  • To screenshare you'll have to reenable your Thinkful extension. In Chrome, visit chrome://extensions and click "Enabled" on the Thinkful extension. In Firefox, visit about:addons, click on the Extensions tab, then click "Enable" on the Thinkful extension.
  • Clear your cache (or issue a hard refresh on the page). We have had some reports of screensharing failing silently. If this happens, try closing your browser tab and joining again from another tab.
  • The original video and screensharing tech is still available! If you have trouble with the new system. Click on "?" to find this fallback system.

What's new

  • Chat! 'Nuff said.
  • Reliability: A whole new backend using opentok should be much more reliable than the original implementation.

We're here to help & listen in the #project-owl channel. If you've had trouble with it in the past, time to try again.

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