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# Input Globals
$username = ""
$password = "password"
$s4bAutodiscover = ""
$pwd = $password | convertto-securestring -AsPlainText -Force
write-verbose "Get S4B Autodiscover Information"
$data = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $s4bAutodiscover -Method GET -ContentType "application/json" -UseBasicParsing
$baseurl = (($data.content | ConvertFrom-JSON)._links.user.href).split("/")[0..2] -join "/"
$oauthurl = ($data.content | convertfrom-json)._links.user.href
write-output "Could not retrieve S4B Autodiscover information on" $s4bAutodiscover "Change the S4B Autodiscover URL and try again"
exit 1
write-verbose "AuthN to S4B to get oAuth Token"
$postParams = @{grant_type="password";username=$username;password=$password}
$data = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "$baseurl/WebTicket/oauthtoken" -Method POST -Body $postParams -UseBasicParsing
$authcwt = ($data.content | ConvertFrom-JSON).access_token
write-output "We couldn't AuthN with the username & password provided. Update and try again."
exit 1
write-verbose "Get application URLs"
$data = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "$oauthurl" -Method GET -Headers @{"Authorization"="Bearer $authcwt"} -UseBasicParsing
$rootappurl = ($data.content | ConvertFrom-JSON)._links.applications.href
write-output "Unable to get Application URLs"
exit 1

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DollarAkshay commented Mar 27, 2018

Came from your article here

what should i replace "" with ?
I have already tried "" and "", they both did not work

I have an email id like "", so how do i find my CNAME and SRV S4B DNS settings ?


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darrenjrobinson commented Mar 27, 2018

Our's for example is
What is your SIP address? Same as your email address ? Try checking via nslookup to validate the URL when you think you've worked out what it is.

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