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Redis install
# redis install
sudo apt-get install tcl8.5
tar xvzf redis-stable.tar.gz
cd redis-stable/
make test
sudo make install
sudo mkdir /etc/redis
sudo mkdir /var/redis
sudo cp utils/redis_init_script /etc/init.d/redis_6379
# change the port to match default if needed
sudo nano /etc/init.d/redis_6379
sudo cp redis.conf /etc/redis/6379.conf
sudo mkdir /var/redis/6379
# Edit the configuration file, making sure to perform the following changes:
sudo nano /etc/redis/6379.conf
# Set daemonize to yes (by default it is set to no).
# Set the pidfile to /var/run/ (modify the port if needed).
# Change the port accordingly. In our example it is not needed as the default port is already 6379.
# Set your preferred loglevel.
# Set the logfile to /var/log/redis_6379.log
# Set the dir to /var/redis/6379 (very important step!)
sudo update-rc.d redis_6379 defaults
sudo service redis_6379 start
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