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"Should you edit out Flavour/Attitude from questions/answers?" Parsed StackOverflow Meta answer by user "Don't Panic"
StackOverflow Meta: Should you edit out Flavour/Attitude from questions/answers?
When a user,
└─ attempting
├─ to find their place as an upstanding member of this community,
└─ to contribute toward the noble goal of lovingly curating this vast and varied repository of
└─ knowledge
├─ (which) we all hold so dear,
├─ which has aided us in our times of need,
│ and
└─ which we endeavor to support
└─ so that it continues in this capacity as an invaluable resource to countless developers,
└─ (who are) working on solving any number of different problems
├─ of various levels of importance to the world in general,
└─ but each one (problem) personally valuable to its specific developer,
└─ (valuable) in that
├─ we all take pride in our work,
│ and
└─ feel the satisfaction that comes with
├─ not only achieving our goals,
└─ but truly understanding how the things that we have created work,
encounters a question or an answer
├─ which contains
│ ├─ some nugget of useful information,
│ └─ some shining insight which guides them to better understanding,
│ but
└─ which may be obscured by an excess of additional verbiage,
the user must attempt in good faith
├─ to apply their efforts to grasp the true intention of the writer,
│ and
└─ to maintain that intention as they attempt to improve the question or answer,
and in doing so
├─ the question of style often arises,
│ and
├─ this prospective editor is confronted with the possibility that
│ └─ the style
│ ├─ may detract from the key point of the post,
│ └─ but on the other hand, may
│ ├─ also be found pleasing,
│ │ or
│ └─ even possibly improve the readability or understanding of some other future reader,
└─ and the loyal user
├─ desires to seek the wisdom of the community to aid in this decision,
└─ and brings their concerns to meta for discussion,
├─ surely some different viewpoints will be voiced,
│ and
├─ each contributor will have their own unique perspective on the content in question,
│ and
└─ the user knows that they should
├─ take all of these points into consideration,
└─ and combine that input with their own judgement to strive to reach their own conclusion
└─ as to
├─ which words to preserve
└─ and which ones to strip away,
├─ even when
│ ├─ the best efforts have been made,
│ └─ and all the guidance of the community has been followed,
└─ some residue of doubt may still remain,
├─ even when the edit is complete,
├─ the user may ask themselves if the edit
│ ├─ was truly worthwhile,
│ │ and
│ └─ was seen
│ ├─ as an improvement to the post by the community,
│ └─ whether
│ ├─ they really made a difference
│ └─ or if the post was actually a turd which should not have been polished,
│ and
└─ these doubts are a burden for those of us who wish to edit,
├─ we must not allow them to discourage us from our task,
└─ and we must
├─ put
│ ├─ our best foot forward,
│ ├─ or feet, actually, since there are more than one of us,
│ └─ but not feet in terms of both of the one persons feet,
│ └─ because you can't really put them both forward at the same time,
│ and
└─ apply the edit with courage and confidence in the fact
├─ that our intentions are good,
│ and
└─ that others will
├─ see that
│ and
└─ judge us accordingly.
-- Don't Panic (
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