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What's the best way to write function pipelines in Python?

I agree with Guido, in that I think

[ x * 2 for x in some_list if x < 12 ]

is much easier to read than the equivalent

map(lambda x:x * 2, filter(lambda x:x<12, some_list))

But what if you have several functions? In Haskell,

map (f3 . f2 . f1) some_list

is all right, but in Python I'm tempted to express this as,

result = (f1(x) for x in some_list)
result = (f2(x) for x in result)
result = (f3(x) for x in result)

which is repetitious, verbose, among other flaws.


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yedpodtrzitko commented Sep 8, 2017

Hi, I stumbled upon this by accident, but maybe you want to check pipetools:

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