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Created April 23, 2024 10:48
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from core.readers.dlt import Read
import dlt
from dlt.sources.helpers import requests
from typing import Any, Dict, Optional, List
class ReadGithub(Read):
def __init__(self, actionname:str = None):
def fetch_github_data(self, base_github_url, suburl, params={}):
"""Fetch data from GitHub API based on endpoint and params."""
url = f"{base_github_url}/{suburl}"
while True:
response = requests.get(url, params=params)
yield response.json()
# Get next page
if "next" not in response.links:
url = response.links["next"]["url"]
def github_source(self, base_github_url, entityspecs):
def project_fields(doc: Dict, keep_fields: Optional[List[str]] = None) -> Dict:
#out = {k:doc[k] for k in keep_fields if k in doc}
out = {}
for k in keep_fields:
if k in doc:
return out
for e in entityspecs:
entity = e["entity"]
params = e.get("params",{})
if "per_page" not in params:
params["per_page"] = 100
# TODO investigate why the last fields value gets passed to all dlt resources
# created in this loop in this statement .add_map(lambda doc: project_fields(doc, fields))
fields = e["fields"]
suburl = e.get("suburl",entity)
yield dlt.resource(
self.fetch_github_data(base_github_url, suburl, params),
).add_map(lambda doc: project_fields(doc, fields))
def build_entityspec(self,
entity : str,
state : str = None,
issue_number : str = None) -> Dict:
out = {}
params = {}
suburl = None
out["entity"] = entity
if entity == "issues":
out["fields"] = ['id', 'url', 'title', 'issue_url', 'author_association', 'body', 'user']
if state is not None:
params["state"] = state
if issue_number is not None:
suburl = f"issues/{issue_number}"
elif entity == "comments":
out["fields"] = ['id', 'url', 'title', 'issue_url', 'author_association', 'body', 'user']
if issue_number is not None:
suburl = f"issues/{issue_number}/comments"
if params:
out["params"] = params
if suburl is not None:
out["suburl"] = suburl
return out
def do(self, base_github_url, endpoints, *args:Any, **kwargs: Any):
source = self.github_source(base_github_url, endpoints)
super().do(source, *args, **kwargs )
class ReadGithubIssue(ReadGithub):
def do(self, repo_owner, repo, issue_number, *args:Any, **kwargs: Any):
base_github_url = f"{repo_owner}/{repo}"
issues_endpoint = self.build_entityspec(entity="issues", issue_number=issue_number)
comments_endpoint = self.build_entityspec(entity="comments", issue_number=issue_number)
endpoints = [issues_endpoint,comments_endpoint]
super().do(base_github_url, endpoints, *args, **kwargs)
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