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Last active August 4, 2017 11:03
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Select and resize an image from iOS device's photo library. (Pythonista)
#Gist ID: 9951701907ed328218dd
import console
import photos
from PIL import Image
from PIL.ExifTags import TAGS
def adjust(dim, newdim):
newdim = newdim.strip()
if newdim[-1] == "%":
newdim = int(dim * float(newdim[:-1]) / 100.0)
newdim = int(newdim)
except ValueError:
newdim = dim
return newdim
img = photos.pick_image(show_albums = True, include_metadata = False, original = True, raw_data = False)
if img is None:
print "No image selected."
#Get orientation from EXIF data.
o = 1
if img.format == "JPEG":
tagid = [x[0] for x in TAGS.iteritems() if x[1] == "Orientation"][0]
o = img._getexif()[tagid]
except KeyError:
#Apply rotate/flip as needed to get image upright.
r, f = ((None, None), (None, Image.FLIP_LEFT_RIGHT), (Image.ROTATE_180, None), (Image.ROTATE_180, Image.FLIP_LEFT_RIGHT), (Image.ROTATE_90, Image.FLIP_LEFT_RIGHT), (Image.ROTATE_270, None), (Image.ROTATE_270, Image.FLIP_LEFT_RIGHT), (Image.ROTATE_90, None))[o - 1]
if not (f is None):
img = img.transpose(f)
if not (r is None):
img = img.transpose(r)
width, height = img.size
#Prompt for new width and height.
width2 = adjust(width, console.input_alert("Width", "Enter new image width.", str(width)))
height = int(height * (float(width2) / width))
height2 = adjust(height, console.input_alert("Height", "Enter new image height.", str(height)))
#Scale and save new image.
img = img.resize((width2, height2), Image.ANTIALIAS)
if photos.save_image(img):
msg = "Saved."
msg = "Save failed."
console.alert(msg, button1 = "OK", hide_cancel_button = True)
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