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BlobService Interface and Implementation
public interface IBlobService
Task<List<BlobUploadModel>> UploadBlobs(HttpContent httpContent);
Task<BlobDownloadModel> DownloadBlob(int blobId);
public class BlobService : IBlobService
public async Task<List<BlobUploadModel>> UploadBlobs(HttpContent httpContent)
var blobUploadProvider = new BlobStorageUploadProvider();
var list = await httpContent.ReadAsMultipartAsync(blobUploadProvider)
.ContinueWith(task =>
if (task.IsFaulted || task.IsCanceled)
throw task.Exception;
var provider = task.Result;
return provider.Uploads.ToList();
// TODO: Use data in the list to store blob info in your
// database so that you can always retrieve it later.
return list;
public async Task<BlobDownloadModel> DownloadBlob(int blobId)
// TODO: You must implement this helper method. It should retrieve blob info
// from your database, based on the blobId. The record should contain the
// blobName, which you should return as the result of this helper method.
var blobName = GetBlobName(blobId);
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(blobName))
var container = BlobHelper.GetBlobContainer();
var blob = container.GetBlockBlobReference(blobName);
// Download the blob into a memory stream. Notice that we're not putting the memory
// stream in a using statement. This is because we need the stream to be open for the
// API controller in order for the file to actually be downloadable. The closing and
// disposing of the stream is handled by the Web API framework.
var ms = new MemoryStream();
await blob.DownloadToStreamAsync(ms);
// Strip off any folder structure so the file name is just the file name
var lastPos = blob.Name.LastIndexOf('/');
var fileName = blob.Name.Substring(lastPos + 1, blob.Name.Length - lastPos - 1);
// Build and return the download model with the blob stream and its relevant info
var download = new BlobDownloadModel
BlobStream = ms,
BlobFileName = fileName,
BlobLength = blob.Properties.Length,
BlobContentType = blob.Properties.ContentType
return download;
// Otherwise
return null;
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