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Fully restart Ruby on Rails app under Phusion Passenger during Capistrano (cap) deploy
# Most instructions for using Capistrano tell you how to make it restart Phusion
# Passenger by 'touch'ing the restart.txt file, but this doesn't immediately
# restart the app - instead the first person to try to use the application will
# cause it to be restarted, so they will see a delay of at least a few seconds.
# This shows how to add a post-deploy task to 'ping' the server, to cause it to
# restart immediately.
# First, (optionally) add a '/ping' route to config/routes.rb that immediately
# returns a blank page. This prevents any non-essential work being done, such as
# rendering the homepage. Test it to make sure you get a blank page not an
# error.
# Then add a deploy:ping task to config/deploy.rb and set it to run
# automatically after deploy:restart. Alternatively you could put it into the
# deploy:restart task directly.
# config/deploy.rb:
# Add this to the settings section at the top:
set :ping_url, ""
# This is the standard Phusion Passenger restart code. You will probably already
# have something like this (if you have already got Capistrano set up).
namespace :deploy do
task :start do ; end
task :stop do ; end
task :restart, roles: :app, except: { no_release: true } do
run "#{try_sudo} touch #{File.join(current_path,'tmp','restart.txt')}"
# Add this to add the deploy:ping task:
namespace :deploy do
task :ping do
system "curl --silent #{fetch(:ping_url)}"
# Add this to automatically ping the server after a restart:
after "deploy:restart", "deploy:ping"
# config/routes.rb:
SampleApp::Application.routes.draw do
# ...
# Add this line somewhere in the file:
# Note: If you have a catch-all route then this line must come before it
get 'ping' => proc {|env| [200, {}, []] }
# Alternatively you could output a short string to confirm it worked
# instead of showing a blank page
#get 'ping' => proc {|env| [200, {}, ['pong']] }

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tdwalton commented Aug 8, 2013

Thanks for this. I was looking for a work-around to the delay caused by a restart.

While looking for a way to make it work in a multi-server environment, I ran across this stack overflow question.

It might help others who happen across this gist.

I suppose you could just as easily use, but this method allows you to restrict it to only the server roles you want.


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shredding commented Nov 5, 2013



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wesgarrison commented Aug 15, 2014

system didn't work for me, so I had to use execute, making the new command:

execute :curl, ' --silent', fetch(:ping_url)
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