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Getting started with SWI-Prolog

Getting started with SWI-Prolog

Today (May 2017) I decided to learn a bit about Prolog. Here is how to start using it...

Install it on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install swi-prolog

Run it:

# or:

Run Prolog and load rules and facts from a file:

prolog -s test
# or:
prolog -s

Interactively add rules or facts:


% or:

("user" means add interactively instead of reading from a file.)

Load rules or facts from a file

% or the full filename:

Open the source file containing a given object in your default editor (e.g. Vim):


The file is automatically reloaded afterwards. To reload files that have been edited independently:


Run a query:


Press ; or spacebar after each result to see the next result. Press enter to stop looking for results. Press Ctrl-C then a to abort.

That's all for now. To actually learn the Prolog language, I'm currently reading Learn Prolog Now.

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