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// JavaScript Event Listeners
// Event-driven programming: your program waits for events and uses them as triggers to run the next function(s)
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', init);
function init(){
let btn = document.getElementById('btn');
let lnk = document.getElementById('lnk');
let txt = document.getElementById('txt');
txt.addEventListener('input', ev=>{
console.log( ev.type,,;
txt.addEventListener('change', ev=>{
console.log( ev.type,, );
txt.addEventListener('blur', ev=>{
console.log( ev.type)
lnk.addEventListener('click', ev=>{
btn.addEventListener('click', buttonClicked);
function buttonClicked(ev){
console.log(ev.type,, ev.currentTarget);
//function linkClicked(ev){
// ev.preventDefault(); //stop the link from being followed
// console.log(ev.type,, ev.currentTarget);
// object.addEventListener(event, function)
//myDiv.addEventListener('click', doSomething )
//function doSomething(ev){
// console.log( ev.type )//click
// console.log( )
// return 7;
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