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@davidbgk davidbgk/index.html
Last active Sep 26, 2017

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Dealing with (non)critical CSS, the progressive enhancement way
<!doctype html><!-- This is a valid HTML5 document. -->
<meta charset=utf-8><!-- Better(?) to include encoding before the <title>. -->
<title>Test template</title><!-- Required to make a valid HTML5 document. -->
<link rel=icon href="data:;base64,iVBORw0KGgo="><!-- Blank gif, avoids an extra query. -->
/* Critical CSS only: above the fold, positionning and so on. */
p { background-color: red; }
<!-- Preload the not critical CSS for future usage. -->
<link rel=preload href=not-critical.css as=style onload="this.rel='stylesheet'">
<!-- In case JS is not activated/blocked, we fallback on regular CSS declaration. -->
<noscript><link rel=stylesheet href=not-critical.css></noscript>
<!-- That's it, we can fire our content right away! -->
<p>Hello World!
/* Progressive enhancement: cutting the mustard.
See */
if ('devicePixelRatio' in window) {
/* Credits: */
function loadJS (src, callback) {
const ref = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]
const script = window.document.createElement('script')
script.src = src
script.async = true
script.onload = callback
/* You may wonder why not simpler `document.head.appendChild(script)`
See */
ref.parentNode.insertBefore(script, ref)
/* Credits: */
loadJS('', _ =>
loadJS('', _ =>
console.log('Non-critical CSS loaded via loadCSS.')

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rik commented Jun 6, 2017

This can be made more performant by concatenating loadcss and cssrelpreload. loadJS can also be simplified given that you cut the mustard before:

if (!'devicePixelRatio' in window) {

function loadJS(src, callback) {
    const script = document.createElement('script')
    script.src = src
    script.async = true
    script.onload = callback

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