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Forked from ovatsus/Setup.fsx
Last active August 29, 2015 14:22
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#r "System.Xml.Linq"
open System
open System.IO
open System.Xml.Linq
let script = seq {
//TODO: this currently loads fsproj's in alphabeticall order, we should instead
//build the dependencies graph of the fsproj's and load them in topological sort order
for fsProjFile in Directory.GetFiles(__SOURCE_DIRECTORY__, "*.fsproj") do
let getElemName name = XName.Get(name, "")
let getElemValue name (parent:XElement) =
let elem = parent.Element(getElemName name)
if elem = null || String.IsNullOrEmpty elem.Value then None else Some(elem.Value)
let getAttrValue name (elem:XElement) =
let attr = elem.Attribute(XName.Get name)
if attr = null || String.IsNullOrEmpty attr.Value then None else Some(attr.Value)
let (|??) (option1: 'a Option) option2 =
if option1.IsSome then option1 else option2
let fsProjFile = Directory.GetFiles(__SOURCE_DIRECTORY__, "*.fsproj") |> Seq.head
let fsProjXml = XDocument.Load fsProjFile
let refs =
fsProjXml.Document.Descendants(getElemName "Reference")
|> Seq.choose (fun elem -> getElemValue "HintPath" elem |?? getAttrValue "Include" elem)
|> (fun ref -> "#r \"" + ref.Replace(@"\", @"\\") + "\"")
let fsFiles =
fsProjXml.Document.Descendants(getElemName "Compile")
|> Seq.choose (fun elem -> getAttrValue "Include" elem)
|> (fun fsFile -> "#load \"" + fsFile + "\"")
yield! refs
yield! fsFiles
let tempFile = Path.Combine(__SOURCE_DIRECTORY__, "__temp__.fsx")
File.WriteAllLines(tempFile, script)
#load "__temp__.fsx"
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