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; Blinky test program for AVR ATTiny25/45/85
; Assembled with avra in Linux and tested on the ATTiny85
; Licensed similarly to the original blink program for the BB313
; Public Domain
; To experiment and build on this (drop in the same folder):
; avra blinky45.asm
; avrdude -p attiny85 -c avrispmkii -P usb -U flash:w:blinky45.hex
.include "" ; ATTiny45 definition file grabbed from:
; people/mellis/microcontrollers/
.equ tccr1_reg = 0b00011101
.org 0x0000
rjmp init
ldi r17,(1<<DDB1) ; Set DDR for B1 to output
out DDRB,r17
ldi r16, tccr1_reg
out TCCR1, r16
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