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davidrenne / Show Process List HTML
Created Oct 24, 2011
Show Process List HTML because pressing UP + ENTER in shell is annoying
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$conn = mysql_connect('yourserver','yourusername','yourpassword');
echo "<html><head><META HTTP-EQUIV='Refresh' CONTENT='2; URL=".$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']."'><body>";
echo "<table><th>ID</th><th>DATABASE</th><th>QUERY</th><th>EXECUTION TIME</th><th>STATE</th>";
$res = mysql_query("show processlist");
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res))
if (stristr($row['State'],"Has sent all binlog to slave"))
davidrenne / gist:1330885
Created Nov 1, 2011
The most amazing mysql flags ever - multiple queries in one mysql_query
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define('CLIENT_LONG_PASSWORD',1); /* new more secure passwords */
define('CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS',2); /* Found instead of affected rows */
define('CLIENT_LONG_FLAG',4); /* Get all column flags */
define('CLIENT_CONNECT_WITH_DB',8); /* One can specify db on connect */
define('CLIENT_NO_SCHEMA',16); /* Don't allow database.table.column */
define('CLIENT_COMPRESS',32); /* Can use compression protocol */
define('CLIENT_ODBC',64); /* Odbc client */
define('CLIENT_LOCAL_FILES',128); /* Can use LOAD DATA LOCAL */
define('CLIENT_IGNORE_SPACE',256); /* Ignore spaces before '(' */
davidrenne / gist:1351309
Created Nov 9, 2011
Dumb script that will download a repository to your server
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if (array_key_exists('user',$_REQUEST))
if (!is_dir($_REQUEST['repo']))
system("mkdir {$_REQUEST['repo']} && cd {$_REQUEST['repo']} && git init && git pull git://{$_REQUEST['user']}/{$_REQUEST['repo']}.git master");
davidrenne / gist:1479507
Created Dec 15, 2011
Seriously Is It this much code to support case insensitive post/get keys? There has got to be a better way...
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$caseInsensitivePosts = array('your_desired_cleaned_lower_case_post_var');
foreach($_GET as $k=>$v)
$lower = strtolower($k);
foreach ($caseInsensitivePosts as $requestVal)
if ($requestVal == $lower && $k !== $requestVal)
davidrenne / gist:1903668
Created Feb 24, 2012
Nice utility to scan real-time all your php fatals and parse errors in production
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Edit cron tab to point to this file and run php script every one minute:
*/1 * * * * php /yourpath/phpFatals.php web01
*/1 * * * * php /yourpath/phpFatals.php cron01
*/1 * * * * php /yourpath/phpFatals.php etcetc
Edit the below variables:
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body {
font-family: helvetica;
li:nth-last-child(-n + 4) {
opacity: 0.6;
li:nth-last-child(-n + 3) {
opacity: 0.4;
davidrenne / gist:2479283
Created Apr 24, 2012
Slave server DOWN management
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//1. Create a file that contains your constants or paths of locations of files
//2. Update your database classes before they make a connection to look for this $contants['slave_on'] path. If file doesnt exist, only make a connection to your master server. Tweak the settings of the seconds_behind_master if 120 seconds is too much for your reporting of slave data.
//3. Create a monitoring script to ping this URL to see if the connection is "OK". Upon error it will unlink the file and recreate it once the slave's IO is back up
$conn = mysql_connect('server','username','password');
$singleRow = mysql_query("SHOW SLAVE STATUS");
$row = mysql_fetch_array($singleRow);
View gist:2594907
//It turns out, that it takes more memory and same amount of time to have all your includes in one file. I thought that all the file I/O would be less with one huge compiled include file. This class will combine all your includes into one file.
//it could be useful to try to see all your includes top down. But over all is not meant for production
//Ended up using spl_autoload_register which took all my production includes from 40MB to 10MB and increased speed by 1 to 3 seconds
davidrenne / gist:3143568
Created Jul 19, 2012
Import Excel to Mysql using autoit.
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;copy the top header columns. save as C:\import.csv and it will build the needed SQL to import
While 1
$nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
Switch $nMsg
Case $cTooltipClick
$clipBoardContents = ClipGet()
$array1 = StringExplode($clipBoardContents, @TAB, 0)
$cols = ""
$tableDef = "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `development`.`import_tmp`; " & @CRLF & @CRLF & "CREATE TABLE `development`.`import_tmp` ("
davidrenne / gist:3230999
Created Aug 1, 2012
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function json_encode_non_buggy($array, $return=false)
//fixes cases where json_decode will crap out.
foreach ($array as $k=>$v)
$array[$k] = str_replace(array("\t",'"'),array(" ","&quot;"), utf8_encode($v));