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@davidyen1124 davidyen1124/

Created Feb 18, 2014
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import requests
import re
url = ""
def main():
session = requests.session()
response = session.get(url)
content = response.content
if content:
payload = {'__EVENTTARGET': 'lbtnDown01',
'selMarket': 1,
'__EVENTVALIDATION': get_hidden_value('__EVENTVALIDATION', content),
'__VIEWSTATE': get_hidden_value('__VIEWSTATE', content)}
response =, payload)
content = response.content
if content:
with open("kgi.xls", "wb") as f:
def get_hidden_value(id, content):
value = ''
match ='id="%s" value="(.*?)"' % (id), content)
if match:
value =
return value
if __name__ == '__main__':
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