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Created Sep 1, 2014
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Word wrap with foreignObject
{"description":" Word wrap with foreignObject","endpoint":"","display":"div","public":true,"require":[],"fileconfigs":{"inlet.js":{"default":true,"vim":false,"emacs":false,"fontSize":12},"config.json":{"default":true,"vim":false,"emacs":false,"fontSize":12},"":{"default":true,"vim":false,"emacs":false,"fontSize":12}},"fullscreen":false,"play":false,"loop":false,"restart":false,"autoinit":true,"pause":true,"loop_type":"period","bv":false,"nclones":15,"clone_opacity":0.4,"duration":3000,"ease":"linear","dt":0.01,"tab":"edit","display_percent":0.7,"hidepanel":true,"ajax-caching":true}
// Change the size here to see it wrap
var w = 300
var h = 300;
var div ="#display")
.style({background: 'aliceblue',
width: w + 'px',
height: h + 'px'
var svg = div.append("svg")
.attr({width: w, height: h});
.attr({width: w, height: h})
.style({width: w + 'px',
height: h + 'px',
"font-size": "20px",
"background-color": "white"
.html("“I can't believe I've been passed over for Long John Silver,” said Mr. Molesley. The lawn introduced the doctor. A poor man made sport of Highclere Castle. “Well we could always start with Mrs Crawley and Lady Grantham,” informed Mrs. Levinson. “Not worse than a maid serving a duke,” argued Mr. Mason.");
.attr({cx: w/2,
cy: h/2,
r: Math.min(w, h)/2,
fill: "none",
stroke: "dodgerblue"
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