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Text (heredoc) strip margin in Python
import re
def strip_margin(text):
return re.sub('\n[ \t]*\|', '\n', text)
def strip_heredoc(text):
indent = len(min(re.findall('\n[ \t]*(?=\S)', text) or ['']))
pattern = r'\n[ \t]{%d}' % (indent - 1)
return re.sub(pattern, '\n', text)
print strip_margin(
"""I was reading a book "Programming Scala" and
|noticed that there is stripMargin method in
|RichString class in Scala.
|It's damn useful.""")
print strip_heredoc(
There is strip_heredoc in Ruby's String object.
Now you don't need a leader "|".
It does do a great job even if the string has
It's damn useful too.
especially for usage docs like:
-h This message
yay or nay?""")
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