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SQL Server 2008+ Get distinct values for each column in a table
-- Get a list of distinct values for every column in a table
-- Change the @Table parameter to the one you are interested in.
-- Change the VALUES in @ExcludedColumns if you want to exclude certain columns
-- Set the @Table you are interested in
DECLARE @Table Varchar(max) = ''
--Optionally exclude some columns
DECLARE @ExcludedColumns TABLE (ColumnName varchar(128))
INSERT INTO @ExcludedColumns
-- Don't set these. Just initializing with empty strings to prevent type inference later.
DECLARE @cols varchar(max) = ''
DECLARE @colsValues varchar(max) = ''
DECLARE @sqlselect varchar(max) = ''
DECLARE @sqlunpivot varchar(max) = ''
@cols += ',
' + QUOTENAME(name),
@colsValues += ',
CAST(' + QUOTENAME(name) + ' As varchar(100)) as ' + QUOTENAME(name)
FROM sys.columns
WHERE [object_id] = OBJECT_ID(@Table)
AND name NOT IN (Select ColumnName from @ExcludedColumns)
''' + @Table + ''' as SourceTable,
SELECT ' + STUFF(@colsValues,1,1, '') + '
FROM ' + @Table + '
) as Source
SET @sqlunpivot =
value for ColumnName in (' + STUFF(@cols,1,1, '') + ')
) as up'
+ ' Order by ColumnName, value '
exec (@sqlselect + @sqlunpivot)

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commented Nov 18, 2015

Result set will be two columns, first column will hold the column names from the original table, second column will be the distinct values in that column.

A business analyst asked for this information and this seemed to be a quick way to get the data out, I'm sure there are other applications.


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commented Sep 23, 2019

you can help me this outcome insert in table with cursor for multiple tables, thank you

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