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Extracts the raw thermal images from a set / sequence of FLIR JPG images and stores them as matrices in an HDF5 file. The actual extraction is done using Exiftool (available at - may require you to install Perl, e.g. "Strawberryperl" for Windows).
""" FLIRjpg2HDF5
reads raw thermal images from a FLIR-camera JPG image series
and stores them in a HDF5 file - using exiftool """
import glob
import os
import subprocess
import PIL.Image
import numpy as np
import io
import json
import h5py
EXIFTOOL = "exiftool.exe"
def main(output="thermal_images.h5", filt=INPUT_FILE_MASK, folder="."):
filt = os.path.join(folder, filt)
with h5py.File(output, "w") as h5:
for filename in glob.iglob(filt):
process_image(filename, h5)
def process_image(filename, h5):
""" Read data from JPG image and write to h5-handler """
# read meta-data and binary image
meta = get_string_meta_data(filename)
img = get_raw_thermal_image(filename)
# extract "IR_xxx" as frame identifier
name = os.path.split(filename)[-1]
name = os.path.splitext(name)[0]
# converison to temperature:
# according to,4898.msg23972.html#msg23972
# (for the case: emissivity == 1)
R1, R2, B, F, O = tuple(meta["Planck{}".format(s)]
for s in ("R1", "R2", "B", "F", "O"))
T = B / np.log(R1/(R2*(img+O))+F)
# copy results to h5 file
dset = h5.create_dataset(name, img.shape)
dset[:] = T
def get_raw_thermal_image(filename, key="RawThermalImage"):
""" Use exiftool to extract 'RawThermalImage' from FLIR-JPG """
# call exiftool and extract binary data
cmd = [EXIFTOOL, filename, "-b", "-{}".format(key)]
r_data = subprocess.check_output(cmd)
# read in image (should detect image format)
im =
# convert image to array
return np.array(im)
def get_string_meta_data(filename):
""" Read all exif-data using exiftool """
# call exiftool with 'JSON'-output flag
cmd = [EXIFTOOL, filename, "-j"]
dta = subprocess.check_output(cmd, universal_newlines=True)
# convert to stream and load using 'json' library
data = json.load(io.StringIO(dta))
# reduce dimension if singleton
if isinstance(data, list) and len(data) == 1:
data = data[0]
return data
if __name__ == "__main__":
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