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A kubectl plugin to decode secrets created by Helm
# get helm secrets from Kubernetes cluster
SECRET=$(kubectl get secret $1 -o jsonpath='{ .data.release }' )
# decode the secrets
DECODED_SECRET=$(echo $SECRET | base64 -d | base64 -d | gunzip -c )
# parse the decoded secrets, pulling out the templates and removing whitespace
DATA=$(echo $DECODED_SECRET | jq '.chart.templates[]' | tr -d '[:space:]' )
# assign each entry in templates to an array
ARRAY=($(echo $DATA | tr '} {' '\n'))
# loop through each entry in the array
for i in "${ARRAY[@]}"
# splitting name and data into separate items in another array
ITEMS=($(echo $i | tr ',' '\n'))
# parsing the name field
echo "${ITEMS[0]}" | sed -e 's/name/""/g; s/templates/""/g' | tr -d '/:"'
# decoding and parsing the data field
echo "${ITEMS[1]}" | sed -e 's/data/""/g' | tr -d '":' | base64 -d
# adding a blank line at the end
echo ''
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