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LayerList Controller Initialize is where all the orchestration happens because we never change the collections at runtime.
//Controller for the LayerList Module
var Controller = Backbone.Marionette.Controller.extend({
initialize: function (options) {
this.region = options.region;
//The layer list has two collections
// 1) the list of basemaps
// 2) list of operational layers
this.basemapCollection = new LayerCollection(options.mapConfig.basemaps);
this.layerCollection = new LayerCollection(options.mapConfig.operationalLayers);
//create the views - these are Marionette.CollectionViews that render ItemViews
this.basemapView = new BasemapListView({collection:this.basemapCollection});
this.layersView = new LayerListView({collection:this.layerCollection});
//create our layout that will hold the child views
this.layout = new LayerListLayoutView();
//We have to render the layout before we can
//call show() on the layout's regions;;;
//hook up App events to show/hide the panel
Viewer.vent.on('View:LayerList', function (name) {
console.log('LayerListController caught View:LayerList');
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