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lib/ext/melbourne/Rakefile: add_cflag "-O0 -ggdb3"
lib/ext/melbourne/Rakefile: add_cxxflag "-O0 -ggdb3"
lib/rbconfig.rb: CONFIG["CFLAGS"] << " -O0 -ggdb3"
rakelib/blueprint.rb: gcc.cflags << "-O0 -ggdb3"
rakelib/ext_helper.rb: add_cflag "-O0 -ggdb3"
rakelib/ext_helper.rb: add_cxxflag "-O0 -ggdb3"
vm/test/ $FLAGS -ggdb3 -g -Wall -Werror -Ivendor/libtommath -Ivm/test/cxxtest -I. -Ivm -o vm/test/one vm/test/one.cpp && ./vm/test/one
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