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Simple example of how to export all assets declarations from website.
import requests
import json
from time import sleep
data = []
print("Fetching page #%s" % 1)
r = requests.get("").json()
data += r["results"]["object_list"]
for page in range(2, r["results"]["paginator"]["num_pages"] + 1):
print("Fetching page #%s" % page)
subr = requests.get(
"" % page).json()
data += subr["results"]["object_list"]
print("Declarations exported %s" % len(data))
with open("feed.json", "w") as fp:
json.dump(data, fp)

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@Nazarii77 Nazarii77 commented Mar 16, 2017

How to encode file feed.json from unicode to utf-8 properly? I can easily encode small file, using js, but 344megabutes can not be encoded with the same code that works on small files(


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@dchaplinsky dchaplinsky commented May 31, 2017

Check the updated docs and new API here:

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