My (rather unsuccessful) attempt at a better model for sandbox.el The idea is to generate valid sandbox bindings and evaluate them in this context, although the following does not work. Any pointers?

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Emacs Lisp
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(defun sandbox-macro-definitions (prefix)
(let ((sandbox-defun-symbol (intern (concat prefix "defun")))
(sandbox-progn-symbol (intern (concat prefix "progn"))))
`((,sandbox-defun-symbol (fcn args &rest body) (sandbox-defun fcn args body))
(,sandbox-progn-symbol (&rest body) (progn body)))))
(defmacro sandbox-eval-with-local-bindings (sexp &optional prefix)
"Sandbox SEXP, bind its unbound fns with macrolet and eval it."
(let ((prefix (or prefix sandbox-prefix)))
`(let ((prefix ,prefix))
(macrolet (,@(sandbox-macro-definitions prefix))
,(sandbox sexp)

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