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Last active May 22, 2019
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SearchWP and Ajax Load More
Use alm_query_args filter to pass data to SearchWP.
function my_alm_query_args_searchwp($args){
$engine = 'default';
$args = apply_filters('alm_searchwp', $args, $engine);
return $args;
add_filter( 'alm_query_args_searchwp', 'my_alm_query_args_searchwp');
Template Name: Search Results Template
Custom WP search results template. Get value of querystring and pass value to Ajax Load More
$term = (isset($_GET['term'])) ? $_GET['term'] : ''; // get querystring param
// Add Ajax Load More shortcode with a unique ID parameter.
echo do_shortcode('[ajax_load_more id="searchwp" search="'. $term .'" post_type="any"]');
<?php get_footer(); ?>
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