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@dcyou dcyou/ forked from patik/
Created Apr 29, 2016

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Git and Node with Zscaler proxy
# Git proxy settings
echo "Configuring Git..."
git config --global http.proxy
git config --system http.proxy
git config --global http.sslVerify false
git config --system http.sslVerify false
git config --global --unset http.sslcainfo
git config --system --unset http.sslcainfo
echo "Be sure to install NodeJS from before continuing"
read -p "Press enter to continue"
# NPM proxy settings
echo "Configuring NodeJS..."
mkdir /c/Users/$USERNAME/npm/
touch /c/Users/$USERNAME/npm/.npmrc
echo "proxy=" >> /c/Users/$USERNAME/npm/.npmrc
echo "strict-ssl=false" >> /c/Users/$USERNAME/npm/.npmrc
# Tell NPM to use a local directory for installations and caching because user profile folders that are mapped to network shares cause many problems
mkdir /c/apps
mkdir /c/apps/npm
mkdir /c/Program\ Files/nodejs/node_modules/npm/
touch /c/Program\ Files/nodejs/node_modules/npm/.npmrc
cp /c/Program\ Files/nodejs/node_modules/npm/.npmrc /c/Program\ Files/nodejs/node_modules/npm/.npmrc.backup
echo "prefix=C:\apps\npm" > /c/Program\ Files/nodejs/node_modules/npm/.npmrc
# Node modules
echo "Installing Grunt..."
npm install -g grunt-cli
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