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const DanielasAwesomePage = (props) => {
const {activeTab, otherOption} = props
return <div className="DanielasAwesomeMap">
const PageA = (props) => (
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require 'httparty'
loop do
response = HTTParty.get('')
if response.include?('')
puts "not yet"
sleep 10

Babel Question

whenever I use babel I notice my source becomes littered with coppies of code like this:

  var _createClass = function () { function defineProperties(target, props) { for (var i = 0; i < props.length; i++) { var descriptor = props[i]; descriptor.enumerable = descriptor.enumerable || false; descriptor.configurable = true; if ("value" in descriptor) descriptor.writable = true; Object.defineProperty(target, descriptor.key, descriptor); } } return function (Constructor, protoProps, staticProps) { if (protoProps) defineProperties(Constructor.prototype, protoProps); if (staticProps) defineProperties(Constructor, staticProps); return Constructor; }; }();
  function _interopRequireDefault(obj) { return obj && obj.__esModule ? obj : { default: obj }; }
View Can React be used to render

Can React be used to render Qt?

I'm inspired by seif but it renders using QT

Can React be used to render Qt interfaces?

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RPG Campaign Idea

You're playing an older and experienced character. But your characters has lost their memory somehow. Every now and then a chronological episode if your characters memories comes flashing back to you. In the form of a podcast episode you listen to between sessions.

Everyone could play older version of any character from any podcast the DM has listened to.

You could cripple the characters in some way to start from a lower or reset skill-set. Maybe you're playing children reincarnated so you have to discover your powers alone the same line as you've acquired them in your past life.

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const runLater = function(milliseconds){
return new Promise(function(resolve, reject){
setTimeout(function(){ resolve('a'); }, milliseconds);
string += 'b'
deadlyicon / main.js.erb
Last active Aug 13, 2016
Using webpack in the Rails asset pipeline
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<% require Bundler.root.join('lib/webpack') %>
<% Webpack.dependencies.each{ |dependency| depend_on(dependency) } %>
<%= begin
rescue Webpack::CompilationError => error
raise unless Rails.env.development?
html = "<h1>Webpack Error</h1><pre>#{Rack::Utils.escape_html(error.message)}</pre>"
"document.documentElement.innerHTML = #{html.inspect};"
deadlyicon / Apology.txt
Last active Jul 30, 2016
My public apology to @keystonejs
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Yesterday I said this on Twitter:
"@KeystoneJS fuck your POS Framework. You don't get it and your docks are filled with lies. You've hurt the community and you should stop."
What I said was cruel. I was frustrated and I lashed out. I hurt others because of my frustration and I'm very sorry.
There is no excuse for what I did.
I regret my actions and I sincerely apologize to @mxstbr and anyone else in the @KeystoneJS community who I might have offended.
deadlyicon /
Last active Jul 23, 2016
Thoughts on State


State in reactatron uses resources. Resources are just an Rx stream with an initial value. They can also optionally have an emit method allowing you to manipulate the resource asynchronously.

This is ideal for rendering in react because you can bind any component to any number of resources anywhere in your VDOM tree. The resource stream is subscribe to upon mounting that component, the component is re-rendered anytime the stream is published to (buffered by requestAnimationFrame).

If multiple components are mounted and therefore subscribed to the same resource they, by default, share that resource. Resources can also be configured to have independent state per subscriber.

Resources can be setup and torn down when the number of subscriber moves to and from 0

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