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Last active Apr 18, 2021
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Create a new Jekyll post with Script Kit
let {format} = await npm('date-fns')
let title = await arg('Name of post')
let file_title = title.toLowerCase().replaceAll(' ', '-')
let posts_path = '/Users/danielmiller/code/daniel-industries/_posts/'
let date = new Date()
let date_for_path = format(date, 'yyyy-MM-dd')
let date_for_yml = format(date, 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss z')
let file_path = posts_path + date_for_path + '-' + file_title + '.markdown'
let file_contents = `---
layout: post
title: "${ title }"
date: ${ date_for_yml }
writeFile(file_path, file_contents)
exec(`code ${file_path} --new-window`)

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@dealingwith dealingwith commented Apr 17, 2021

Replaces my old new_post Rake task, with the added benefit of opening the post in a dedicated VS Code window.

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