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Working from home

Debasish Ghosh debasishg

Working from home
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debasishg / gist:f14fd21a8ef14a35e65e
Created Oct 10, 2014
generator and property for ADTs with custom initialization logic
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// the ADT
sealed trait Account {
def no: String
def name: String
def openingDate: Date
def closeDate: Option[Date]
final case class CheckingAccount private[prop](no: String, name: String, openingDate: Date, closeDate: Option[Date])
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sealed trait Base
case class D1(...) extends Base
case class D2(...) extedns Base
// Have defined all instances of EncodeJson & DecodeJson for D1 and D2
// works in 6.0.x but does not compile in 6.1-M5 since DecodeResult is now invariant
implicit val decode: DecodeJson[Base] = DecodeJson { c =>
(c --\ "storeDelete").as[D1] |||
(c --\ "indexState").as[D2] |||
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trait AccountRepository {
def query(no: String): \/[NonEmptyList[String], Option[Account]]
def store(a: Account): \/[NonEmptyList[String], Account]
def query(openedOn: Date): \/[NonEmptyList[String], Seq[Account]]
def all: \/[NonEmptyList[String], Seq[Account]]
* and an implementation for this trait
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trait Writes[T] {
def writes(o: T): JsValue
trait Reads[T] {
def reads(json: JsValue): T
trait Format[T] extends Writes[T] with Reads[T]
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Welcome to Scala version 2.11.5 (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, Java 1.6.0_65).
Type in expressions to have them evaluated.
Type :help for more information.
scala> import frdomain.ch3.repository._
import frdomain.ch3.repository._
scala> import reader._
import reader._
debasishg / gist:67b16a1aa941586b7c43
Created Jul 4, 2015
Generalizing the definition of an F-algebra in Scala
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def op[T: Monoid](arg: \/[(T, T), T]): T = {
val m = implicitly[Monoid[T]]
arg match {
case -\/((a, b)) => m.append(a, b)
case \/-(a) =>
View pubsub.scala
val c1 = new PubSubClient("foo", r)
val c2 = new PubSubClient("bar", t)
val server = new PubSubServer
server ! Subscribe(c1, List("a", "b", "c"))
server ! Publish(c2, "a", "hello")
server ! Publish(c2, "c", "hi")
View Sub.scala
object Sub {
println("starting subscription service ..")
val s = new Subscriber(new RedisClient("localhost", 6379))
s ! Register(callback)
def sub(channels: String*) = {
s ! Subscribe(channels.toArray)
View callback.scala
def callback(pubsub: PubSubMessage) = pubsub match {
case S(channel, no) => println("subscribed to " + channel + " and count = " + no)
case U(channel, no) => println("unsubscribed from " + channel + " and count = " + no)
case M(channel, msg) =>
msg match {
// exit will unsubscribe from all channels and stop subscription service
case "exit" =>
println("unsubscribe all ..")
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1. Download redis from
2. build using "make"
3. Run server as ./redis-server