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CentOS 5.7 i386 20GB (gzipped -> 649MB)
use File::Copy;
copy($baseImageFileName, $imageFileName);
real 6m34.418s
user 0m0.394s
sys 0m47.059s
use IO::Uncompress::Gunzip qw(gunzip $GunzipError);
gunzip $baseImageFileName => $imageFileName or die "gunzip failed: $GunzipError\n";
real 8m6.076s
user 7m8.536s
sys 0m52.057s
system("zcat $baseImageFileName | cp --sparse=always /dev/stdin $imageFileName");
real 1m58.766s
user 1m51.205s
sys 0m12.642s
system("cp --sparse=always $baseImageFileName $imageFileName");
real 0m52.733s
user 0m1.832s
sys 0m21.427s
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