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Genesis Layout Extras plugin - list of Hooks, Filters, Constansts and helper functions for customizations; since plugin version 2.0.0 // Plugin page at
/** Do NOT include the opening php tag! */
* Adding additional custom layouts to the layout select drop-down for plugin
* "Genesis Layout Extras".
* NOTE: This requires the Genesis Framework, plus the plugin "Genesis Layout
* Extras" (available via:
* @author David Decker -
* @link
* @link
if ( defined( 'GLE_SETTINGS_FIELD' ) && function_exists( 'genesis_get_layout' ) ) {
add_action( 'gle_layouts_drop_down', 'custom_gle_select_layout_option', 10, 1 );
* Helper function to add additional <option> markup to select drop-down.
* @uses ddw_gle_layout_select_option()
function custom_gle_select_layout_option( $gle_layout_option ) {
__( 'My Custom Layout Name', 'your-text-domain' ),
} // function
} // if
/** Genesis Layout Extras: Remove Export/ Import Info meta box */
/** Genesis Layout Extras: Remove HNCS layout option */

Note: The above codes work with plugin version 2.0.0 or higher!

Extended explanation can be found at the plugin's page "FAQ" section:

Download "Genesis Layout Extras" plugin at

rwilki commented Dec 4, 2015

is it possible to add pagination to my custom archive template with your plugin?

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