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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Cleaner Plugin Installer plugin v1.0.0 or higher -- helper functions, plus actions, filters for customizing etc.
/** Do NOT include the opening php tag */
* Plugin: Cleaner Plugin Installer - activate Slim Mode.
if ( ! defined( 'CPI_SLIM_MODE' ) ) {
define( 'CPI_SLIM_MODE', TRUE );
add_filter( 'install_plugins_tabs', 'custom_cpi_plugin_installer_tabs_tweaks', 15, 1 );
* Plugin: Cleaner Plugin Installer
* Remove "Collections" and/ or "Topics" tab.
* @link
* @param array $tabs
* @return array $tabs Array of (tweaked) plugin installer tabs.
function custom_cpi_plugin_installer_tabs_tweaks( $tabs ) {
unset( $tabs[ 'collections' ] );
//unset( $tabs[ 'topics' ] );
return $tabs;
} // end function

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@deckerweb deckerweb commented Oct 7, 2014

Note: The above codes work with plugin version 1.0.0 or higher!

Extended explanation can be found at the plugin's page "FAQ" section at the bottom:

Download "Cleaner Plugin Installer" plugin at

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