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"Selbstabholung" Strings in WCDE:
# in WC 2.0.x und 2.1.x - seitdem nix geändert:
#: includes/shipping/local-pickup/class-wc-shipping-local-pickup.php:25
#: includes/shipping/local-pickup/class-wc-shipping-local-pickup.php:84
msgid "Local Pickup"
msgstr "Selbstabholung"
#: includes/shipping/local-pickup/class-wc-shipping-local-pickup.php:77
msgid "Enable local pickup"
msgstr "Selbstabholung aktivieren"
#: includes/shipping/local-pickup/class-wc-shipping-local-pickup.php:128
msgid "Local pickup is a simple method which allows the customer to pick up their order themselves."
msgstr "Selbstabholung ist eine einfache Methode, wo der Kunde seine Bestellung vor Ort selbst abholt."
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