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My TST config
"applyThemeColorToIcon": true,
"autoAttachOnNewTabCommand": 0,
"autoCollapseExpandSubtreeOnAttach": false,
"closeParentBehaviorMode": 1,
"collapseExpandSubtreeByDblClick": true,
"configsVersion": 7,
"dropLinksOnTabBehavior": 2,
"labelOverflowStyle": "crop",
"lastConfirmedToCloseTabs": 1566670194039,
"logTimestamp": false,
"notifiedFeaturesVersion": 3,
"optionsExpandedSections": [
"scrollbarMode": 1,
"showTabDragBehaviorNotification": false,
"simulateSVGContextFill": false,
"style": "plain-dark",
"supportTabsMultiselect": false,
"tabDragBehavior": 4,
"tabDragBehaviorShift": 5
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