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Installing mustache-mode.el
;; $ wget
;; $ cd ~/.emacs.d/vendor
;; $ wget
;; In your emacs config:
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/vendor/mustache-mode.el")
(require 'mustache)

if wget do not works for anyone, use curl
curl > mustache-mode.el

jroes commented Apr 25, 2011

I needed to use:

(require 'mustache-mode)

defunkt commented Apr 25, 2011

Thanks @idlecool and @jroes!

steder commented Jul 3, 2012

Yeah, you need to specify the raw url like bsnux or just tell curl to follow redirects. So this works as well:

curl -L -O
Wilfred commented Oct 12, 2014

This package is now available on MELPA, and I'd strongly recommend installing it there. It's easy, it works, it's integrated nicely.

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