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Last active Jan 28, 2017
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set noautofocus
set nochangelog
set smoothscroll
set defaultnewtabpage
let previousmatchpattern="((?!last)((?:上|前)一?(?:页|章|頁)|(?:较新|較新)文章|prev(ious)?|newer|back|«|less|<|‹| )+)"
let nextmatchpattern="((?!first)((?:下|后)一?(?:页|章|頁)|(?:早期|較早)文章|(?:加载|加載|载入|載入|展开|展開)(?:更多|全文)|next|older|more|>|›|»|forward| )+)"
let mapleader = ","
let searchengine bing = ""
let searchengine baidu = ""
let searchengine steam = ""
let searchengine github = ""
let searchalias g = "google"
let searchalias bi = "bing"
let searchalias ba = "baidu"
let searchalias st = "steam"
let searchalias git = "github"
let completionengines = ["google", "steam", "github"]
map u lastClosedTab
site '' {
call :pintab
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