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source "${HOME}/.dotfiles/base/zgen/zgen.zsh"
# check if there's no init script
if ! zgen saved ; then
echo "Creating a zgen save"
zgen prezto
zgen prezto prompt theme 'paradox'
zgen prezto editor key-bindings 'vi'
zgen prezto utility:ls color 'yes'
zgen prezto '*:*' color 'yes'
zgen prezto git
zgen prezto environment
zgen prezto terminal
zgen prezto editor
zgen prezto directory
zgen prezto spectrum
zgen prezto utility
zgen prezto completion
zgen prezto prompt
zgen prezto archive
zgen load m42e/prezto_extras
# plugins
zgen load zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting
zgen load hchbaw/opp.zsh
#zgen load djui/alias-tips
# completions
zgen load zsh-users/zsh-completions src
zgen load ${HOME}/.dotfiles/common/zsh/scripts/completions
# save all to init script
zgen save
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