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Parallel draw/update game component for XNA
namespace CleverRake.XnaUtils
open Microsoft.Xna.Framework
open System.Threading
type IFramePerSecondCounter =
abstract FramesPerSecond : float
/// An update-able and drawable game component which performs light updates on the main thread,
/// then draws on a separate thread in parallel of more computation-heavy updates.
/// initialize_fun is called when assets are loaded.
/// dispose is called when the component is disposed, and should be used to unload assets.
/// update_fun takes a GameTime and a state, and should produce draw data and computation data.
/// draw_fun takes a game time and draw data and should return nothing.
/// compute_fun takes a game time and computation data and should return a new state.
type ParallelUpdateDrawGameComponent<'State, 'DrawData, 'ComputationData>
initial_state : 'State,
initialize_fun : unit -> unit,
update_fun : GameTime -> 'State -> 'DrawData * 'ComputationData,
compute_fun : GameTime -> 'ComputationData -> 'State,
draw_fun : GameTime -> 'DrawData -> unit,
dispose : unit -> unit) =
inherit DrawableGameComponent(game)
let mutable state = initial_state
let mutable draw_data = Unchecked.defaultof<'DrawData>
let mutable compute_data = Unchecked.defaultof<'ComputationData>
let mutable gt_shared = GameTime()
let mutable enabled = true
let mutable update_order = 0
let signal_start = new AutoResetEvent(false)
let mutable kill_requested = false
let signal_done = new AutoResetEvent(false)
let do_compute() =
#if XBOX360
// Set affinity
Thread.CurrentThread.SetProcessorAffinity(3) // 0 and 2 are reserved, I assume the "main" thread is 1.
while not kill_requested do
signal_start.WaitOne() |> ignore
state <- compute_fun gt_shared compute_data
signal_done.Set() |> ignore
let compute_thread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(do_compute))
// Must be called from the main thread.
let post_compute_then_draw gt =
if not kill_requested then
let state = state
gt_shared <- gt
signal_start.Set() |> ignore
draw_fun gt draw_data
signal_done.WaitOne() |> ignore
let mutable frameCounter = 0
let mutable timeCounter = 0.0
let mutable fps = 0.0
let fpsUpdatePeriod = 0.3
compute_thread.IsBackground <- true
override this.Initialize() =
override this.Update(gt) =
if base.Enabled then
let draw, compute = update_fun gt state
draw_data <- draw
compute_data <- compute
override this.Draw(gt) =
if base.Visible then
post_compute_then_draw gt
state <- compute_fun gt compute_data
timeCounter <- timeCounter + gt.ElapsedGameTime.TotalSeconds
frameCounter <- frameCounter + 1
if timeCounter > fpsUpdatePeriod then
fps <- float frameCounter / timeCounter
timeCounter <- timeCounter - fpsUpdatePeriod
frameCounter <- 0
interface System.IDisposable with
member this.Dispose() =
// member this.Dispose() = () // DrawableGameComponent.Dispose() is sealed. Thank you very much...
interface IFramePerSecondCounter with
member this.FramesPerSecond = fps
member this.FramesPerSecond = fps
member this.RequestKill() =
kill_requested <- false
signal_start.Set() |> ignore
member this.WaitUntilDead() =
member this.IsDead = not(compute_thread.IsAlive)
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