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Denis Akhiyarov denfromufa

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denfromufa /
Created December 26, 2018 14:44 — forked from EBNull/
"Missing" win32com utilities for getting object instances from DLLs or from run-time licenced servers
__all__ = (
####### Class Objects
#CoGetClassObject - Normal, not wrapped
'CoDllGetClassObject', #Get ClassObject from a DLL file
####### ClassFactory::CreateInstance Wrappers
'CoCreateInstanceFromFactory', #Create an object via IClassFactory::CreateInstance
'CoCreateInstanceFromFactoryLicenced', #Create a licenced object via IClassFactory2::CreateInstanceLic
denfromufa /
Created December 5, 2018 17:47 — forked from tartakynov/
Fourier Extrapolation in Python
import numpy as np
import pylab as pl
from numpy import fft
def fourierExtrapolation(x, n_predict):
n = x.size
n_harm = 10 # number of harmonics in model
t = np.arange(0, n)
p = np.polyfit(t, x, 1) # find linear trend in x
x_notrend = x - p[0] * t # detrended x
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To run a command as administrator (user "root"), use "sudo <command>".
See "man sudo_root" for details.
testlab@testlab-VirtualBox:~$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF
[sudo] password for testlab:
Executing: /tmp/tmp.KcbNJmuzBI/ --keyserver
gpg: requesting key D3D831EF from hkp server
denfromufa / open file dialog
Last active March 4, 2020 16:29 — forked from tritemio/open file dialog
Open file dialog for default ipython notebook in Anaconda
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def openfile_dialog():
from PyQt5 import QtGui
from PyQt5 import QtGui, QtWidgets
app = QtWidgets.QApplication([dir])
fname = QtWidgets.QFileDialog.getOpenFileName(None, "Select a file...", '.', filter="All files (*)")
return str(fname)
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denfromufa /
Created September 29, 2017 15:00 — forked from pbugnion/
Multiple checkbox selection with searching with ipywidgets

Multiple selection with checkboxes and search field

Often, you want the user to choose n options (where n is small-ish) from a very large (hundreds or thousands) number of possibilities. Good UX around this dictates that the user should be able to search for the options they want.

This gist puts together a minimal example of binding a search field with multiple checkboxes using ipywidgets.


denfromufa / clustering_collection_curves.ipynb
Last active August 6, 2017 05:26
clustering of collection of curves
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