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denisinla / git-lg.markdown
Created Dec 16, 2012
Disabling zsh's autocorrect for 'git lg' command.
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You can add a line to your .zshrc to ignore auto-correct for all git commands:

alias git='nocorrect git'

The other option is to re-create your aliases from .gitconfig in .zshrc like so:

alias 'glg'='git lg'

denisinla / dropbox-setup.markdown
Created Dec 16, 2012
Setup Dropbox on Fedora 17.
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Configure Dropbox Repository
Create a file called dropbox.repo inside of /etc/yum.repos.d

$ cd /etc/yum.repos.d
$ sudo vim dropbox.repo

Paste the following:

``[Dropbox] name=Dropbox Repository

denisinla /
Last active Dec 15, 2015
Deploying a bare git repository on an Ubuntu EC2 instance.

Git deploy setup:

copy your public key to your ec2 instance:

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh -i ~/.ssh/your_pemfile.pem ubuntu@your_ip_addr "cat>> .ssh/authorized_keys"

on remote server: create bare git directory

denisinla /
Last active Dec 17, 2015
Ever leave your bluetooth mouse in the conference room a few feet away but you're not allowed to get back in there due to important meetings ? Well follow the snippet below and get command-line access to your bluetooth settings. Enjoy.

Install blueutil via brew(package manager for OSX -

$ brew install blueutil # install it

$ blueutil power 0 # turn bluetooth off

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git config --global alias.lg "log --graph --pretty=format:'%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset' --abbrev-commit --date=relative"
denisinla /
Created Oct 3, 2013
Adding git to Windows 7 PATH

Adding Git to Windows 7 Path

Note: You must have msysgit installed on your machine. Also, the path to my git install is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Git” yours might be different. Please check were yours is before continuing.

  • Open Windows Environment Variables/Path Window
  • Right-Click on My Computer
  • Click Advanced System Settings link from the left side column
  • Click Environment Variables in the bottom of the window
  • Then under System Variables look for the path variable and click edit Add the pwd to git’s bin and cmd at the end of the string like this:
denisinla / shutdown-vagrant
Created Jul 18, 2014
Forgot shutdown Vagrant
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$ ps ax | grep vboxheadless
$ openssl genrsa -out key.pem
$ openssl req -new -key key.pem -out csr.pem
$ openssl x509 -req -days 9999 -in csr.pem -signkey key.pem -out cert.pem
$ rm csr.pem
denisinla / Preferences.sublime-settings
Last active Aug 29, 2015
SublimeText3: My Latest Preferences.
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"color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Glacier/glacier.tmTheme",
"detect_indentation": false,
"font_size": 12,
"open_files_in_new_window": true,
"soda_classic_tabs": false,
denisinla /
Created Jul 24, 2014
MySQL install on ubuntu instance.
$ sudo apt-get install libmysqld-dev libmysqlclient-dev mysql-client mysql-server