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Created Dec 2, 2020
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from spacy.pipeline import EntityRuler
from spacy import displacy
import jsonlines
# Create list with entity labels from jsonl file
with + "data/skill_patterns.jsonl") as f:
created_entities = [line['label'].upper() for line in f.iter()]
def add_newruler_to_pipeline(skill_pattern_path):
'''Reads in all created patterns from a JSONL file and adds it to the pipeline after PARSER and before NER'''
new_ruler = EntityRuler(nlp).from_disk(skill_pattern_path)
nlp.add_pipe(new_ruler, after='parser')
def visualize_entity_ruler(entity_list, doc):
'''Visualize the Skill entities of a doc'''
options = {"ents": entity_list}
displacy.render(doc, style='ent', options=options)
visualize_entity_ruler(created_entities, doc)
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